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April 4, 2015

Pebble Steel-Trio

What kind of tech geek and Apple product fan would I be if I didn’t write something about the Apple Event today? That’s right, the announced the Apple iWatch (for the second time). I was sure that the event Fall 2014 Event they showed us the iWatch then too.

Nonetheless, I wanted to tell you about the other watches that are already out in the market.

Pebble Watch

First generation released in 2013, but had been in development for about 7 years. They made their software development kit open to everyone prior to the manufacture of the watch so that developers could build a number of app so that at the launch there would be TONS of apps for your watch. It connects to both iOS and Android (at the time of this writing, I was investigating Window phone app/connection).

By 2014, Pebble Steel was released (second generation). And now February 24, 2015, their third generation Pebble Time / Time Steel launched in Kickstarter for fundraising quickly reaching their goal.

pebble time steel

Colour e-Paper smartwatch surpasses Apple’s iWatch’s battery life. Pebble Time / Time Steel boast 7 days before needing to charge, while iWatch needs daily charging. Details of this watch’s features can be found on the Kickstarter page.



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