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Spring means Updating

April 28, 2015

I’m still learning how to be a home owner, but what I have learnt is the best way to avoid bigger issues is addressing the smaller ones when you can. I think that it was a couple of years ago when I wrote about the “pests“. This past winter, I had some come back and clearly it’s because I didn’t follow through on all the preventative measures suggested by the pest control company.

But who wants to talk about that. Let’s talk about updates and redecorating. Last time, I had to wait over a year before I was able to renovate my kitchen (not my choice, but my contractor friend who insisted that I needed to live in my house for at least a year to get a real sense of how I “live”). Since then, I’ve been dying to repaint the main floor. I couldn’t bring myself to paint so soon after moving in. The previous owners had just repainted the place, so I didn’t want to waste their efforts. The colour the choice was a nice beige (as beige goes), so I figured that I’d wait.

The time is now, and I’ve decided that I’m painting it… WHITE. Benjamin Moore #869 was suggested by my painter. But I still need to check it out before I agree. I really want a bright white. I have a bungalow and the kitchen, living room and dining room is open concept. So to pick one colour that will go throughout the main floor isn’t easy. I decided that if I chose white, then I can add colour through my furniture and other accessories.

Typically when updating, it’d be nice to also be able to change everything (like furniture too). But I was reminded on Earth Day (April 22nd), I can change the cover instead of buying new furniture. I have theĀ KARLSTAD sofa and arm chair. Since it’s due for a wash, I might as well do it all now.

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I’m taking a chance with this new colour Husie Orange for my armchair and ottoman for my splash of colour.

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The Isunda Gray that I chose for the sectional is the current colour of my armchair/ottoman. I think that it’s a nice spring colour to the current Dark Gray

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