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June 23, 2015

I only recently became a foster parent. We had to fill out some paperwork, have a home visit and it was official a couple of weeks ago that I passed. Now we just had to wait for them to send someone to us.

A week ago, I got an email saying that they had a 20lb dog for me and was I ready to take her on. She was flying in on Monday afternoon from Mexico. We were so excited, we said YES before they could give her to another family.

Biscuit was a surprise. We were expecting a lap dog about the size of my two dogs, but instead we got a 20 kg dog, who chewed through her crate … What did I agree to?

Well, she’s the sweetest and gentlest dog that I’ve met (her size). And all she wants is a permanent home. 

Almost immediately I knew that she wasn’t suited for our place. We were dog proofed for dogs that are only knee high. Plus she can barely fit in the crate I had setup. I hope she gets adopted real soon.

Only a couple of days later, I got a message from one of my best friends, that her dog, Maisie was put down. She was getting old and had been dealing with some issues (healthwise). Anyhow, we were so sad to hear this, I didn’t know what to do for my friend. So I thought about a charitable donation in her honour/name, so the first place that came to mind was Save Our Scruff where we were already foster family. 

While on their website, looking to make our donations, we came across a chihuahua mix. OMG, I just knew that he should be part of our family, but was I crazy to take this on? Three dogs? Single parent… And I’m fostering another dog. Yep, I must be crazy, because Timmie is a part of our family now.


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