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March 12, 2015

Since my daughter was turning one, I’ve always thought about her birthday in July due to the fact that I used to submit her photos and birthday wish to Breakfast Television.

So after throwing her 3 parties where there were, on average, 30 guests (and this didn’t include parents), it was time to cut down the number of invitees.  So this year, I told my daughter that she can have number of guest as the age that she was turning.  So this year, she gets six guests.  Since the party will be significantly smaller, I decided that I will plan something really nice.

This year, I will have handmade dolls and clothing for the kids to dress up. Their loot bags will be these dolls and the outfits, along with a personalized carrying bag*. Then I was thinking of having a afternoon tea party, so if I have it from 2-4pm, then I can serve simple refreshment to parents and kids.

*personalized gifts are dependent on having enough time and knowing who will be coming to the party

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