Adopting a rescue

July 2, 2015

Have you thought about getting a dog? For yourself or for your family? Have you considered getting a rescue? I’m sure there are many blog post out there where they are sharing their experience of adopting. I guess this will be mine.

Actually this isn’t our first rescue. We got Charlie, a purebred Cocker Spaniel over 3 years ago. A beautiful black dog that was about two years old. I was surprised that no one claimed him from Toronto Animal Services. Just by chance, a September weekend, I was all set to go to a camera show to check out some old [meaning non-digital] camera equipment. I had it planned So that my child would be with grandma and dog would be at doggie daycare. So we’d all have solo time. 

As I was pulling up to PetSmart, I was thinking about their adoption weekends. Wondering when they have them, and curious what they would have for adoption. And as if I was wishing for it, I walked in to find I was there for their adoptions weekend. 

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